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Watford Borough Council

Planning your future

The Sustainable Community Strategy sets out the council’s vision for Watford to be: “A town to be proud of, where people will always chose to live, work and visit.

In seeking to deliver this vision the council is preparing a new type of Local Plan. This will replace the existing Watford District Plan 2000 with a new suit of planning documents, the first of which is the Core Strategy which sets out in broad terms how we will deliver 6,500 homes and 7,000 jobs between 2006 and 2031, along with other supporting services and facilities. The plan sets out broad locations for new development and establishes the direction for other documents that will set out our planning strategy and policies in more detail – all other Local Plan documents will be consistent with the Core Strategy.

In line with the National Planning Policy Framework the Core Strategy promotes sustainable development. It requires development to be designed in line with the principles in the Building Futures Guide and the master planning tools in BREEAM communities.

Further Guidance

Further guidance on climate change is available in the council’s Climate Change and Carbon Management Strategy      

General advice on sustainable development is also available from the council website:

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