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Reduce Waste

Disposing of our waste in landfill sites should be the last option. We have all increased the amount we recycle in the last few years and we now need to do more to reduce the amount of waste we produce in the first place. Here is a list of simple actions to get you started.

  • Shop smartly and try not to buy produce that has too much packaging. For example buy loose fruit and vegetables.
  • Only buy as much food as you need to help reduce food waste. We throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food from our homes every year which is around £50 a month for the average family with children.
  • Purchase 'bags for life' and use these each time you go shopping.
  • Use paper on both sides.
  • Avoid disposable or single-use items such as napkins, razors, plastic cutlery, cameras and batteries etc.
  • Use boxes with lids to store things, rather than using foil or cling film.
  • Buy in bulk and use refills.
  • Visit the Mailing Preference Service to reduce your junk mail or call 0845 703 4599 to register.
  • Opt out of receiving the BT phone book by calling 0800 833 400 and to opt out of the Yellow Pages ring 0800 671 444.

  For more information visit Wasteaware.


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