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Three Rivers District Council

Planning your future

Looking forward to 2026 and beyond, the District will remain a prosperous, safe and healthy place where people want, and are able to, live and work.   

This is our vision for Three Rivers over the next 15 years or so. In seeking to deliver this vision, the Council is preparing a new type of local plan. This will replace the existing Local Plan 1996-2011 with a suite of new planning documents, the first of which is the Core Strategy which sets out in broad terms how we plan to deliver new homes, jobs and infrastructure over the period to 2026 and how we can manage development effectively.

The local plan will link with other strategies such as the Community Strategy and set out the long term vision for Three Rivers, along with the spatial strategy and policies to deliver the vision. The plan will set out the broad locations for where new houses, jobs and services will go over the period to 2021 and how we can effectively control development.

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