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Oxhey Park

Oxhey Park is approximately 14 hectares of parkland in the south east corner of the Borough, and opens onto Eastbury Road along its top boundary: one of Watford's most visible parks.  A wooded dell and rolling grassy slopes are separated from the football and hurling pitches by the River Colne.  The slopes are particularly popular when it snows: they offer one of the best sledging areas in Watford! The river Colne runs through this large park of amenity grassland and scattered trees.

The river supports good marginal vegetation with substantial beds of reed sweet-grass, branched bur-reed, unbranched bur-reed, common club-rush and bullrushes. Towards Bushey Arches is an area known as The Dell which supports secondary broadleaved woodland of ash, sycamore, elm and horse chestnut. There is a scrubby sub-canopy of elder, elm, hawthorn, ash and sycamore and a ground flora that includes dogs mercury, wood avens and a variety of woodland grasses.  

Birds of the park include: great and blue tits, jays, greater-spotted woodpecker, grey wagtail and kingfisher.  

Other wildlife: on summer evenings pipistrelle bats can be seen feeding in the park. The Friends of Oxhey Park have regular events, including bat walks and river clean-ups, and have recently planted some bulbs in the park. If you are interested in joining them, please contact Jean Alexander on tel: 01923 227365.

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