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Carpenters Woods

Carpenters Wood - Chorleywood

22.8 hectares of mixed species woodland situated on the south-east edge of the Chilterns Area of outstanding Natural Beauty.

The wood is part ancient semi-natural and part planted ancient woodland and is divided into three main areas: Whitelands Wood; Hillas Wood; and Carpenters Wood. 

Whitelands Wood

Whitelands Wood consists of ash, mature beech, oak, hornbeam, and cherry. The shrub layer includes hazel, holly and dogwood. The ground layer includes wood sanicle, dog violet and common figwort.

Hillas Wood

In the planted ancient woodland site (PAW) the native beech has been replaced by larch and oak. Further down the slope below the footpath the planting changes to larch and mixed broadleaves including birch, sycamore and goat willow. The Council aims to remove the larch over several years to reinstate the native broadleafed woodland. In the west of the compartment a semi-natural stand of beech and hornbeam still remains providing shelter to other areas of the wood.

Carpenters Wood

At lower elevations beech dominates the canopy together with hornbeamoak, ash, cherrysweet chestnut  and hazel. There is a holly and bramble under-storey. Many of the standard trees appear to be of even age at around 150 years old. On the upper slopes mature wind-blown beech have been cleared (probably following the 1987 storm) and areas part restocked with larch, beech, oak and cherry. Bluebells are abundant in the ground layer.

There is an active Friends of Carpenters Wood volunteers group see

Deer and rabbits are present in all woods. Roe deer and muntjac deer are locally common and there is evidence of deer browsing of young tree seedlings. Control of deer is not considered to be necessary at this time although browsing of the tree regeneration will require monitoring.

To learn about other woodland sites Three Rivers District Council is responsible for either visit the TRDC’s website or download the Woodland Management Plan.