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Croxley Hall Woods

Croxley Hall Woods - Croxley Green

15.6 hectares of  predominantly ancient semi-natural mixed broadleaved woodland with a small area of secondary woodland.

Croxley Hall Woods is divided into three distinctive areas. All three areas comprise oak, ashcherry, beech, larch, birch and sycamore. Scattered throughout the woods is horse chestnut as well as Scots pine. Hazel and hawthorn create the under-storey. The ground layer comprises bluebells and dog’s mercury with much ivy.

Deer and rabbits are present in all woods. Roe deer and muntjac deer are locally common and there is evidence of deer browsing of young tree seedlings. Control of deer is not considered to be necessary at this time although browsing of the tree regeneration will require monitoring. Newly coppiced Hazel is protected with deer baskets.

To learn about other woodland sites Three Rivers District Council is responsible for either visit the TRDC’s website or download the Woodland Management Plan.