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Oxhey Woods

Oxhey Woods - An oasis of woodland in the middle of suburbia.

Oxhey Woods is a combination of ancient woodlands, including Oxhey Wood and Old Hangings, and more recent plantations.

Oxhey Woods Local Nature Reserve is 97.7 hectares (240 acres) of principally ancient semi-natural woodland in South Oxhey, several areas of which date back towards the last ice age some 10,000 years ago. The woods contain a range of habitats which make it one of the most important woodlands in the county. Within its bounds can be found spring displays of bluebells, anemones and violets plus the unusual wild service tree. The smallest Britain’s bat ‘pipistrelle bat’ is a common site at Oxhey Woods.

The Countryside Management Service and Three Rivers District Council are working together to improve access and enhance the Local Nature Reserve for people and wildlife. To find out more about the characteristics of the Oxhey Woods read the information compiled by Herts County Council Landscape Unit.

To find the Oxhey Woods Local Nature Reserve site please download the location map. To find information on other Three Rivers’ Local Nature Reserves visit the Three Rivers main website.