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Beechen Wood and Franklin Spring Woods

Beechen Wood and Franklin Spring Woods - Maple Cross

Two excellent woodland sites enjoyed by families, children playing in the woods and dog walkers.

Beechen Wood was most probably planted in the 19th century for the furniture industry and is now semi-natural, but not quite ancient.

Although small and surrounded by houses Beechen Wood is home to some semi-mature trees. The wood covers approximately 2 hectares and comprises of beech, ash, rowan and oak. The woodland is denser to the west and there is a good under-storey layer, dominated in areas by dense holly but also consisting of hawthornspindle and elder.

There is a species rich ground layer including bluebell and wood anemone. The locally rare Enchanter's Nightshade can also be found on the site.

The grassland side of the woods is home to some exciting species such as common mallow and creeping buttercup and some great examples of mature hedges.

For more information about Beechen Wood and Three Rivers District Council’s plans for the woods management take a look at the Action Plan.

Franklin Spring Woods - isolated, small and
beautiful ancient s
emi-natural woodland.                        

Approximately 1 hectare of small, isolated, ancient semi-natural woodland Franklin Spring comprises of mainly beech and oak found on the Hornhill Road side of the woods. 

The under-storey layer is comprised of hazel, hawthorn and some holly. The ground layer has several ancient woodland indictors including wood anemone and bluebell.

For more information about Franklin Spring Woods and Three Rivers District Council’s plans for the woods management take a look at the Action Plan.

Deer and rabbits are present in all woods. Roe deer and muntjac deer are locally common and there is evidence of deer browsing of young tree seedlings. Control of deer is not considered to be necessary at this time although browsing of the tree regeneration will require monitoring.

To learn about other woodland sites Three Rivers District Council is responsible for either visit the TRDC’s website or download the Woodland Management Plan.