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The Lairage Land

The Lairage Land comprises a group of meadows by the river Colne, half a mile south of the centre of Watford. There are a variety of habitats including rough grassland, plantation woodland and scrub; the river Colne, and its margins, and reedbed.

Plants include: stream water crowfoot, yellow water lily, musk thistle, black medick, red clover.

Bird species include: whitethroat, green woodpecker, great-spotted woodpecker, grey wagtail, reed warbler, linnet, chiffchaff and blackcap. Also, swifts, swallows and house-martins. Cuckoos are heard each spring.

Butterflies: gatekeeper, smaller skipper, peacock, small tortershell, red admiral, meadow brown. For the past two years, locally scarce, marbled white butterflies have been seen on the meadow.

Dragonflies include southern hawker, banded demoiselle.

Other notable insects: Roesels bush cricket.

Bats include both species of pipistrelle and noctule.

Currently there is no ‘Friends’ group for the Lairage Land. If you are interested in helping to organise one, we would very much like to hear from you. Please contact The Conservation and Development Officer, Watford Borough Council, on tel: 01923 278558  

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