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Home Improvements


In this section we won’t be talking about issues related to insulation, as that is not what I imagine decorating is about. However, you can find more information on loft, cavity, solid wall, and water tank and pipes insulation in our section dedicated to nothing else but insulation and appliances.

Can DIY be made greener? Yes, if you know where to look and what to look for. When buying wood for example look for the timber product labels and make sure the wood you choose is properly certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes.

Larger DIY jobs like installing a new kitchen can not only be expensive and disruptive, but it could be costly throughout the lifetime of the kitchen if energy-hungry appliances are chosen. To help you avoid doing that the EST has published its first guide: Planning a New Kitchen

Paints and Varnishes

When buying paint or varnish for decorating internal or external surfaces look out for the European Eco Label, work out how much paint you will need, check out natural and alternative product range or certified suppliers. When you finish and you have leftover paint, find out if you can donate it to your local community repaint project If you would like to dispose of any leftover paint, read the advice provided by Waste Aware. For additional information on natural paints visit the Low-Impact Living Initiative.

Wall Paper, Floor Coverings and Much More

Wallpaper and the wallpaper paste that you buy can also be eco-friendly. There is apparently even a recipe on how to make your own wallpaper paste on the World Wide Web. As far as wallpaper is concerned there is heaps of information on where to buy eco-friendly wallpaper. The Graham and Brown wallpaper patterns are designed and created by students from London’s Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design and is thus a great local source.

Floor coverings don’t just have to be laminate floors or synthetic carpets. Wide ranging materials can be used as floor coverings. Visit the Sustainable Floors website or google for other alternatives. You can even use recycled products when considering outdoor decking.

Rustic furniture is handmade furniture which you can make yourself. The guide to further information is available to download from LILI’s website.

Home furnishing can be done is style and be eco-friendly as the timesonline article suggests. You can buy eco, organic or recycled pillows, towels, table lamps and other light fittings, and you can even make your own rags. There is more, much more and Google can help you with your search.

How green is your home? Explore our interactive house for money saving tips and suggestions.