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Natural and Eco Cleaning

There are thousands of products on the market which you can use to clean your house; however there are hundreds of cleaning products that are kinder, more natural and less toxic than the rest. Some of the - let’s just called them eco-cleaning products are based on tricks our grandmothers and their mothers used to use. I don’t know about yours, but my grandma was thrifty and constantly watching the pennies, so if it worked for her it’s worth a try. 

She used to be a huge fan of white vinegar or bicarbonate of soda and its 60 uses or lemon and its magical power where cleaning is concerned. She also used her left over olive oil for various cleaning tasks but especially for polishing her hardwood floor. For more information on various natural cleaning products visit the Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI).

Today supermarkets and specialised shops offer eco-friendly products. Just google eco-cleaning and you will be surprised how many sites the search engine brings up. To get you started, however, take a look at what ‘How clean is your house’ Aggie McKenzie thinks of eco-shopping or browse the natural collection website for further ideas.

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