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Pond Wood

Pond Wood - South Oxhey

1.2 hectares, Pond Wood is small and isolated ancient semi-natural woodland surrounded by urban development.

The wood is dominated by mature oak, ash, and hornbeam. The shrub layer consists of hazelblackthorn, alder and bramble. Ground flora includes bluebells, red campionlesser celandine and wood speedwell. Partial re-pollarding of hornbeam has taken place with some current success although squirrels’ damage is prolific on most of the re-growth and there are concerns regarding the sustainability of ‘total’ cutting when re-pollarding. One hornbeam pollard in the south-west corner is particularly notable for its age and veteran features.

Deer and rabbits are present in all woods, however this woodland is very isolated which means you are less likely to see them here. 

To learn about other woodland sites Three Rivers District Council is responsible for either visit the TRDC’s website or download the Woodland Management Plan.