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Aquadrome Woods

Aquadrome Wood - Rickmansworth

11.1 hectares of wet woodland surrounding the lakes.

The wood comprises mainly crack willow and alder with poplar. Minor species include birch, oak, ash, field maple and hazel in dryer areas. The appearance of the woods may look untidy but wind blown and horizontal willows are an important feature of wet woodland. A good network of tracks and paths interlink around the lake with open grassed areas. An area of memorial trees have created an arboretum along the north west edge that contains coast redwood and sierra redwoods, pine, fir and weeping willow.

Fauna that you may come across at the site is varied and include reptiles such as grass snakes, amphibians such as frogs, birds such as waterfowls, kingfishers and Daubenton’s bats and a wide range of invertebrates such as dragonflies.

You can take a virtual tour and learn about other species living on and around the lakes.

To learn about other woodland sites Three Rivers District Council is responsible for either visit the TRDC’s website or download the Woodland Management Plan.