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Woodland Cemetery

Woodcock Hill Cemetery – Rickmansworth

Woodcock Hill Cemetery is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cemeteries and graveyards.

It is the aim of the Council to develop the site partially into a woodland over the years, where future generations can walk or sit and reminisce. In order to achieve this there will be no headstones, instead a fee can be paid into a woodland management fund and at the appropriate season tree and bulb planting sessions are held, in which family and friends are encouraged to join. The site includes an important grassland habitat which is managed as a meadow.

Tree Planting

All the trees planted will be native to Britain and placed to complement each other in terms of growth, foliage and shade. Over the years in order to maintain a healthy woodland it will be necessary to manage the woodland, for example by removing individual trees that have not flourished, to allow others to develop to their full potential. It will not therefore be appropriate to plant a tree on each burial spot; some graves will be planted with bulbs, or wild flowers.

Woodland Management

Grass cutting will occur at appropriate times to encourage wild flowers and promote natural habitats. The cemetery will be managed to produce a healthy woodland and will not be maintained to provide the neat and tidy appearance normally associated with traditional cemeteries. Some areas will be left to form natural meadow land.

Coffins and Caskets

Only biodegradable coffins and caskets may be selected for burial in the woodland. These include cardboard, wicker, soft woods, or just a shroud. Your local funeral director should be able to provide information about what is available. The Council also has information.

Markers and Tributes

The only markers will be the small numbered tablets which the Council will place upon each burial spot so mourners can identify the precise location in years to come. Flowers and wreaths placed upon each grave at the time of burial will be removed after 14 days.

To find the exact location of Woodcock Hill Cemetery download the location map. To find out more about cemeteries within the district please visit the TRDC’s website.