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Food Miles

Food is so much a part of our daily routines that we often don’t give it much thought, but the impact our food systems have on the world is vast. We all eat three times every day – that’s a lot of food and some of it may have travelled thousands of miles before it gets to your plate. Thinking about where your food comes from can help make a difference. 

Home grown food tastes great and even a small balcony may be suitable for some tomato plants or fresh herbs. If you only have a small outside space then an allotment can be a great place to relax and grow your own.

Even the most avid gardener is unlikely to be able to grow all of their own food and FoodSmiles St Albans have launched a local and organic food map to help you find good local food. You can access the map  and follow the instructions to view either local producers, outlets selling or serving local produce, or sources of organic produce.

When you choose local food, you choose:

  • Less pollution, as it has not travelled a long way by road, ship or plane.
  • A smaller carbon footprint and less congestion on the roads, also thanks to the food not having travelled far and not needing to be in refrigerated storage for a long time.
  • Less packaging. Extra packaging is used to protect food that needs to travel a long way.
  • Local economy. Buying local keeps your money in the local area and supports the local and national economy. 

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