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Walking is free, fun and can be enjoyed in the company of like minded people or on one’s own.
All you really need is a good pair of walking boots and in some cases a destination.

There are Ramblers or walking groups in most areas of Hertfordshire.

There is a plethora of activities designed specifically with people with disabilities in mind and a dedicated ramblers’ web site called Disabled Ramblers has been designed.

Hertfordshire Health Walks

The Countryside Management Service (CMS) coordinates a wide variety of walks designed to encourage people from all walks of life to strap on their boots and get walking. 

Walking to school

Walking to school is a great way save money, get fitter,reduce your impact on the environment and avoid the traffic congestion and parking problems near the school gates.

Start by swapping the car for foot power once a week to save 20% and then increase this as much as you can.    

School travel plans offer practical measures to promote active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel to and from children’s centres, schools and colleges.

Some areas have walking buses which are a safe and fun way to enable groups of children to walk to school together accompanied by trained adult volunteers. The bus follows a set route and timetable and children join at designated bus stops along the way. Adult volunteers can work a rota system so they do not have to ‘walk the bus’ every day.   

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