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Reusing some items such as carrier bags is easy to do yourself however it is more complicated to reuse other things, such as unwanted furniture, which needs to be passed onto someone else to be reused.  Below are a few tips to get you started on reuse:

  • Take carrier bags with you to the shop.
  • Buy rechargeable batteries.
  • Pass on your unwanted items at a jumble sale, charity collection or shop, local authority reuse point or through a website which matches items to people who would like them and help keep usable items out of landfills.
  • Sell your unwanted possessions at a car-boot sale or on a website which sells second hand items.


  • Take unwanted furniture in good condition to a furniture recycling scheme. Details of schemes in Hertfordshire can be found on the WasteAware website.
  • Take unwanted clothes and toys to charity shops. You can find the location of your nearest charity shop.
  • Donate your old mobile phone to a charity or resell it to one of the many companies specialising in second-hand mobile phones.
  • Donate your old spectacles to the Vision Aid Oversees directly or speak to your optician.
  • Donate your old computer to a company that can find further use for it or have it repaired.
  • Donate your unwanted paint to community repaint project.
  • Take your unwanted books, CDs or DVDs to your favourite charity shop or resell them. Become a member of your local library which reuses the items many times.

Real Nappies

A baby can get through an astounding 4,500 nappies and will cost a family between £5 and £10 per week. Modern cotton nappies don’t contain chemicals or absorbent gels and parents can now choose from prefolded nappies with popper or Velcro fastened covers, traditional terry nappies or shaped nappies. You make the greatest savings by washing your nappies at home or there are Nappy Laundering services available which cost a similar amount to disposables.  

In Hertfordshire there is a cashback scheme  in operation for the purchase of re-useable nappies or subscription to a nappy laundering service. Wasteaware provide information on how to get started or use the Nappy Finder.

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