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Garston Park

This site has a variety of habitats, including woodland, grassland and wetland. The woodland is dominated by oak, ash and sycamore. Other species include: hazel, English elm, field maple and hawthorn.

The neutral grassland contains a diverse range of species including ox-eye daisy, agrimony, black knapweed, bird’s-foot-trefoil and meadow buttercup. The wetland areas contain lesser pond sedge, reed canary grass and common reedmace. Trees include willow and silver birch.

Birds include great spotted and green woodpeckers, jay, blackcap and garden warbler.

Other species include: grey squirrel, Muntjac deer, red fox, pipistrelle bat and slowworm.

Butterflies include: meadow brown and gatekeeper.

If you would like to help look after this park why not become a ‘Friend of Garston Park’ Contact Brian Chisholm on Tel: 07843 382042.

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