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Aquadrome: Local Nature Reserve

The Aquadrome is to be found at the northern end of the Colne Valley Regional Park and comprises of 41 hectares.

When the old Wembley Stadium was built there was a great need for gravel. The gravel was allegedly excavated from the sites that now form the Aquadrome. The excavations were rather deep and left behind two enormous holes, which gradually filled up with water, aided by natural springs. Today the Batchworth Lake is topped up by the River Colne and drains into the lower lying Bury Lake.

The interactive map below provides details about some of the species that can be found at the site, as well as the location of the dog-free picnic area, bird-feeding area and the Café in the Park.

Interactive Map

How does the map work? It is easy: The map is larger than the window and you can move the map by simply pointing somewhere on the map, holding the left mouse button down and dragging the map in any direction that you like. The orange symbols including the dots indicate an interactive point on the map. By clicking on the symbol a pop-up box with photo and brief information will open.