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24 November 2015
Can your organisation create a sustainable Christmas tree?
The Green Triangle and JPA Furniture are inviting Hertfordshire organisations to create a Christmas tree from sustainable or recycled materials....Read More
17 March 2014
Hertfordshire Quality of Life Report 2013
The Hertfordshire Sustainability Forum produces a Quality of Life report each year. This gives up to date information on indicators of Hertfordshire's quality of life. ...Read More
14 October 2015
Hertfordshire Building Futures Award Nominations Open
Projects completed between 16th Sept 2013 and 16th Sept 2015 have until Friday 13th November to enter into one or more award categories for a Hertfordshire Building Futures Award....Read More
2 October 2013
Big energy saving network grants
DECC has launched a £752,000 fund to support eligible third sector organisations and community groups. The Big Energy Saving Network will deliver an extensive programme of outreach to vulnerable consumers, focussed on helping them reduce their energy costs and energy consumption. ...Read More
23 June 2014
New funding to help communities prevent waste
A new fund has been launched to specifically support communities to take forward innovative waste prevention, re-use and repair activities in their local area....Read More
10 April 2014
Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Launches
The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will pay people for the green heat they generate for their homes, offering homeowners payments to offset the cost of installing low carbon systems in their properties....Read More
4 July 2013
Review of Home Water Use Report Launched
At Home with Water by the Energy Savings Trust reveals findings from the biggest ever review of domestic water use in Britain...Read More
30 September 2013
Human influence on climate is clear
According to a new assessment from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change human influence on the climate system is clear and is evident in most regions of the globe....Read More
23 February 2016
Sustainable St Albans Film
Sustainable St. Albans have released a short film about the week....Read More
9 November 2015
St Albans Smart Water Sensor Pilot Scheme
Waterwise has managed to secure DAIAD technologies for monitoring water use for 100 households in the St Albans District!More information on the background, eligibility and how to apply can be found on the Waterwise website. ...Read More
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