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20 April 2017
Cycling to work reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer
A study in the BMJ has concluded that cycle commuting is associated with a lower risk of heart disease and cancer....Read More
24 November 2016
UK ratifies the Paris Climate Change agreement
On the 18th November the UK Government ratified the Paris Climate Change agreement....Read More
25 October 2016
Globally Averaged CO2 Levels Reach 400 parts per million in 2015
According to the World Meteorological Organisation global CO2 levels have reached new levels, fuelled by El Nino. El Nino has ended but climate change from human activites has not....Read More
25 October 2016
PM confirmed UK will ratify Paris Climate Change agreement.
In a speech to the UN the PM confirmed the UK will ratify the Paris Climate Change agreement before the end of the year....Read More
19 May 2014
Up to £7,600 per home for energy efficiency - NOW CLOSED
From June people in England and Wales will be able to get up to £7,600 back though a new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. This includes up to £6,000 for solid wall insulation and £500 for new home owners. UPDATE 25/7/14: SCHEME NOW CLOSED DUE TO MASSIVE DEMAND...Read More
5 May 2016
M&S Community Energy Fund Opens
M&S have opened registration for their community energy fund opens....Read More
17 March 2016
Hertfordshire Electrical Reuse and Recycling Events
From April to July, the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership (HWP) will be holding 10 events across the county specifically for residents to dispose of household electrical goods....Read More
24 November 2015
Can your organisation create a sustainable Christmas tree?
The Green Triangle and JPA Furniture are inviting Hertfordshire organisations to create a Christmas tree from sustainable or recycled materials....Read More
17 March 2014
Hertfordshire Quality of Life Report 2013
The Hertfordshire Sustainability Forum produces a Quality of Life report each year. This gives up to date information on indicators of Hertfordshire's quality of life. ...Read More
14 October 2015
Hertfordshire Building Futures Award Nominations Open
Projects completed between 16th Sept 2013 and 16th Sept 2015 have until Friday 13th November to enter into one or more award categories for a Hertfordshire Building Futures Award....Read More
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